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How much do you know about health screening in Singapore? For many people, health screening may be a dreaded affair. However, it is an absolutely crucial step to take to safeguard our health. As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” Here is everything that you need to know before going for health screening
Thursday, 15 July 2021 / Published in Uncategorized
With the COVID-19 outbreak, telemedicine visits are quickly becoming a mainstream method for healthcare delivery. So, what exactly is telemedicine? Telemedicine refers to the practice of caring for patients remotely when the provider and patient are not physically present with each other. Teleconsultations may have only started gaining popularity since the COVID-19 outbreak, but did
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You feel poorly, you’re aching everywhere, and your nose cannot seem to stop running. But is this a cold or the flu? You wonder to yourself.   While the flu and common cold are both respiratory illnesses and share similar symptoms, they are caused by different viruses and should not be confused. Read on to find