Comprehensive Health Screening Programs in Singapore

Regardless of age, it would be wise to undergo a health screening program at a recommended clinic in Singapore in order to ensure that your body is in the best of health.

Take charge of your life. Detect the onset of illnesses early through our premier and comprehensive annual health screening programs and better manage your health with the advice of our caring doctors in Singapore. With our cutting-edge facilities and equipment as well as a full-range of health screen packages that have been significantly recommended for outstanding service, our clinics in Singapore aim to help you obtain a better understanding of how to manage your health.

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Health Screening Programs

We offer a range of comprehensive health screen programs at our clinics in Singapore. The Clinic Group offers 4 regular programs – Healthy Life, Premium and Executive and Millennium. Each program has been carefully put together to meet the different needs of the segments in our community based on age, lifestyle and medical history. Depending on your condition and medical, our team will recommend the most appropriate health screening process for you. All programs will be conducted at our clinics in Singapore. Upon completion of the health screening, our team will generate a medical report and the doctors at our clinic in Singapore will analyze the results with you and recommend appropriate treatments based on your medical condition.

Our recommendations serve as a general guideline. Other factors may be considered in deciding which program is suitable such as personal medical history, family medical history and lifestyle. Speak to our doctors for their professional medical opinion.