Travel Health & Vaccinations in Singapore

Even the most active and avid travellers would fall prey to illness and diseases when do not acquire adequate rest or consume nutritious foods. Whether you are a frequent traveller or not, it would be wise to undergo travel vaccination at an accredited vaccination clinic in Singapore.


Vaccinations are important as it helps to build immunity against a disease without contracting the disease - in other words, they protect travellers from contracting and developing illnesses while they are on the move. The travel vaccination contains weakened germs; therefore, it does not cause disease. Once vaccinated at an accredited vaccination clinic in Singapore, it is normal for some people to experience side effects such as lethargy or fever. However, the benefit of getting vaccinated outweighs the cost of contracting potentially serious complications from the disease. They are a great preventive measure against deadly illnesses that be contracted overseas.

A Leading Travel Vaccination Centre in Singapore

If you intend to head overseas for a backpacking trip, it would be highly recommend to undergo travel vaccination at an accredited vaccination clinic in Singapore. At The Clinic Group, all our clinics are accredited Travel Vaccination Centers and we are well-versed at providing health advice for your upcoming travel plans. We are an accredited yellow fever vaccination site and can provide all currently available routine and travel vaccinations. Our tram has been thoroughly and comprehensively trained to provide the most appropriate treatments and services for you. Furthermore, we have trained our staff to offer the best customer services. We go above and beyond to make sure the needs of our customers are fully addressed.

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