Corporate Services

Efficient and effective medical care from the comfort of your office vicinity, our experienced and dedicated doctors will ensure the best care and treatment plan for your condition be it an acute or chronic ailment.


The Clinic Group is a corporate medical group with strategically located clinics within the CBD and satellite industrial areas. We cater to a specific type of customer – the PMETs, aka the office crowd.
We are competent in meeting the needs of corporations with our technical know-how, processes and experience in providing corporate medical services. With that in mind, all our services can be specially catered to the company and tailor-made to meet their needs and preferences.


Most companies have medical insurances and only visit the GP clinics that are part of their panel of clinics. The Clinic group is insurance neutral; thus we accept most insurances.

For companies without medical insurance, we are able to offer corporate rates for

  • consultation fees, depending on the size of the company and,
  • customize the operational aspect of this arrangement in terms of method of identification and payment, as is for all our services.

Health screening programs are recommended to be conducted annually. Companies usually provide employees with an annual budget or sponsors such programs. The Clinic Group offers a range of health screening programs is comprehensive and caters to all ages which we can offer corporate rates for. 

Our clinics are able to organize on-site and in-house exercise for companies. Having the experience and know-how allows us handle high volumes and execute the project seamlessly. 

Health screening programs are also customizable based on the Company’s needs, preferences, and budget.


Some businesses require their employees overseas as part of their job. It is in the business’s interests to ensure that their employees whom they send overseas are safe in terms of their health.

To do so, our clinics are pleased to extend corporate rates for travel vaccinations. Patients are also welcomed to consult our doctors for travel advice. Additionally, businesses also do extend medical benefits to employees, and these benefits can also include vaccinations.

Our clinics is also able to organize on-site exercises for the office to be vaccinated from ailments such as the flu.


Pre-employment examinations are part of the company’s hiring process. Our clinics are able to offer customized, tailor-made examinations, unique to the company and its’ requirements at competitive rates.


Companies hiring foreign employees will need to ensure that their employees comply with the mandatory requirements. The Clinic understands the company’s’ needs and meets these needs by providing an efficient process at a reasonable price.


Back aches and pains are common and experienced by most people. Physiotherapy helps to reduce such aches and teaches how to prevent and treat such ailments. People working from a desk all day are the underrated but most likely to experience back aches and other problems such as slip disc. The Clinic Group offers corporate rates to Companies to help encourage awareness and treatment of chronic pains.


Knowledge is power and health talks empower employees to take better care of his health. A healthier office means better productivity and a lower absenteeism rate. Our clinic is able to conduct corporate lunch talks for the following topics:

A very informative and successful talk about traveling and living in a hub like Singapore. It approaches main travel diseases as well as ways to protect oneself. Ideal for organizations who have employees traveling. As our clinics are official vaccination centers, we will be able to follow up on any requirements. (We can offer corporate rates for vaccines.)

Cervical cancer is the top 4 leading cancers among women in the world and top 10 in Singapore. Despite advancements in medical practice, prevention and treatment, the mortality rates remain high due to lack of awareness. Learn more about Cervical Cancer and how you can protect yourself from it in this talk. (We can offer corporate rates for cervical vaccinations.)

Cardiovascular diseases are the major disease affecting Singaporeans with an incidence of more than 30%. The talk goes into how you can protect yourself, the types of regular screening and addresses the importance of lifestyle and diet. (We can offer a corporate rate for health screenings)

An introductory talk to family planning, this talk will cover the different aspects of family planning and its benefits. The talk goes into how to protect yourself, and how to start planning for your future. (We can offer a corporate rate for relevant vaccines)

This talk helps to identify common symptoms that are treatable by Physiotherapy, its benefits, common causes and how to avoid them. Learn more on Workplace Ergonomics and simple exercises and stretches to improve backaches and sores. (We can offer a complimentary Physiotherapy assessment and corporate rates)